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Travelogue : My Trip to Nanded

There is a famous doctor in Nanded who visits Nanded every month on 26th ,27th and 28th dates... I have decided to take a day off on 27th Feb Monday and wanted to go for Nanded to treat my sore spine ...
I was in Nizamabad to attend upanayanam of my sister's son and could not make it on sunday 26th Feb.Nanded ia baout 140 kms from nizamabad and takes around 4 hrs by bus.There are many buses round the clock from Nizamabad to Nanded.
   Monday Morning ,My plan was to start from Nizamabad  by 4:00 so that i could reach at 8:30 and get treatment done and return by 11:00 and back to Nizamabad by 2:00 P:M. But I was a bit lazy to woke up and my wifey constantly waking me up finally i have woe up at 5:20 and started preparing immediatley..Mean while my wife packed few snacks and water bottle and magazines into my bag and she has dropped me till main road near our home and had hot idli at a tiffin center near main road,it starts at 4:30 A:M and Nizamabad is famous for its tiffins esspecially chatni they serve.Took a share auto and headed for bus stand .On my way to Bus stand i have seen 6:00 A:M NANDED Bus from MSRTC Departing ,could not trace that but went to bus stand ,it was still dark in the morning and wanted to do some photography in Nizamabad bus stand as next Nanded bus was at 7:10 A:M.  I have taken snaps of MSRTC BUSES in Nizamabad.Few snaps ...

New Route added to Nizamabad from MSRTC : MANGALWEDHA _ NIZAMAbad

Mangawedha- Nizamabad

Pandharpur - Nizamabad

Mangalwedha - Nizamabad Via:Sholapur,Tulzapur,Lathur,Mukhed,Biloli,Bodhan

Pandarpur - Nizamabad Via:Sholapur,Tulzapur,Lathur,Mukhed,Biloli,Bodhan

Aurangabad - Nizamabad

Another Pandarpur - Nizamanad Bus

ChANDrapur - Nizamabad
Then there was Nizamabad-I Depot bus ready to go for ZAHEERABAD AND dRiver assured me that I can get a direct Nanded Bus from Bodhan which is 25 kms and 30 minutes from Nizamabad.I have boarded Zaheerbad Bus and it started immediately and Bus took speed in no time as it was early in the morning and traffic was very less,it crossed Nizamabad outskirts immediately and it went Non-stop till Bodhan.Few PICS on the go.....These were shot at Bodhan Bus stand

Bodhan Bus stand 

FULLview BodHan BusSTANd

Buses departing to MAHARSTRA and HYD stay out side the Bus stand ..there is a small shed kind of  on the main road and generally buses stay there and i was informed that there is a Bodhan depot Express converted into Ordinary ready to depart for Nanded.

This is my Bus to Nanded .. 
Immediatley i have boarded the Bus and it was half full as it was early in the morning and has got very few stops ..Via Biloli,Narsi and then Nanded.
Bus stopped at old Bus Stand Bodhan and few passengers boarded and I have pointed a Old Horse of MSRTC of Biloli depot doing Biloli Bodhan near Bodhan Bus stand
and few snaps on the go before reachingbiloli Bus stand.
Am Early morning MSRTC Bus from Biloli Depot makes its way to Bodhan ,I think it's first bus towards Bodhan from Biloli

The Bus is very Old as u can see by its rear window and u can see last window is missing seems it is a old horse of MSRTC...

As soon as Bus reached outskirts of Bodhan twon we cans ee Green fields and also few sun-flower farms around Bodhan
Sun flower plants

An early Morning Bus from nanded towards Nizamabad ,I think that was leaving for Hyderabad.....not sure

The old bridge near Saloora which is check-post for Andhra Maharastra Border 

No trace of water and its seems like a desert
Full view of the Bridge 

As soon as we enterted Biloli Bus stand there was an MSRTC Biloli Depot Bus parked aside 

The Same Bus again........

There was Degloor Dharmabad Ordinary Bus ready for departure from Biloli ,it was around 7:10 A:M ..

Side view of the ruggedly used Degloor -Dharmabad Bus

As we reached Biloli just affter 10 mins there was Nizamabad - Pandarpur Morning Bus reaching Biloli it...It goes via Bodhan,Biloli,Mikhed,Latur and Barsi ...By Side is my Bus towards Nannded an APSRTC Express Bus converted Ordinary of Bodhan Depot

Anothe Ruggedly used MSRTC Bus which does Bodhan - Biloli - Kandhar

The Board has an sponsor :) - Check the Ad of MS-CIT on the destination board

Side view of Bodhan Biloli Kandhar Bus

The old seating arrangement of MSRTC Bus
Biloli Depot ..there were few lorries spotted in Biloli Depot might be bcos  of some construction work 

Platform No:1 of Biloli Depot which is given to Dist. Head Quarter Nanded ...Biloli has many buses towards Mumbai which come from various places of Andhra Pradesh RTC Depots such as Jagityal,Korutla,Metpally,Siddipet and Sircilla etc.., it would be better they had allocated the Platform for State Capital Mumbai ....

Biloli Bus stand and the departure block towards Narsi Side - I eman towards Maharsatra Side and the other side includes departure towards Andhra

MSRTC Web Address on Old Bus

Check the Rear window of Old MSRTC bus

Rear window of new parivartan MSRTC Bus which is split 

Time Table board in Biloli Bus stand

Platform No:4 for Mumbai and i can see Nanded again here and also we can see the full bus stand in this pic

Bus strand view

This is the famous ST Canteen in Biloli Bus stand this canteen serves tasty and hot food in the morning and also round the day,The poha and Tea are very tasty here

Two Buses resting at Biloli Bus Depot

A temple in Biloli Aagar [ Biloli Depot ] ... Almost every MSRTC Depot has temple in it ..really great 

An Old Bus at Biloli Bus Standwhich is making departure towards Andhra Side

An MSRTC Parivartan Bus coming out of Biloli Depot

Check the rear window of MSRTC Bus

Driver Cabin of Old MSRTC Bus

My BUS towards Nanded... APSRTC  Bodhan Depot Bus

As soon as we departed from Biloli after travelling hardly for 30 mins I have reached Narsi anothertown kind of village in Maharastra and this is the Narsi Bus stand 

An Maxx Truck at Narsi

After Narsi I have reached Nayegaon

Auto's in Nayegaon are quite interestinga nd decorated nicely check the below pics ...and also see the seating arrangement

twins again

Reached Nanded finally and the godavarai River at the entrance of Nanded welcomes......Godavarai river as shot from the bridge

Got down at Nanded Railway station and i ahve to got to Srinagar colony which is after Bus stand but as i ahve to walk back again if go to bus stand i have opted to get down at Nanded Railway station which falls behind the Nanded Bus stand and i took a share Auto near Railway Station and headed for SreeNagar Colony...This is the snap near Railway station of Nanded City

There is a flyover near Nanded Bus stand which passes on from Nanded Bus stand and my auto passes from here to reach Sreenagar colony and i have clicked the welcome board for Nanded Bus station...

Nanded Bus station again

This is the designation board of my doctor Zubeir bhai malishwala very famous doctor who visits Nanded every month on 26,27 and 28 Dates

Land Mark to get into Doctor's clinic in Srinagar Colony...its Pahnava Garment shop its famous here..
I took the treatment he checked my back and enquired abt my pain and he gave some oil to apply in certain pattern and also he applied some gel on right leg and applied plaster on top of it charged 300 on whole and i ahve been out of the clinic and started my way to Nizamabad again. Did some hsopping at Nanded and started for BUS station in Nanded 

This is the Nanded Bus station front view when we come by walk from down the fly over and the corner block where an MSRTC Asiad Semi Luxury standing is the departure block for Hyderabad and Nizamabad

As the ASIAD Semi Luxury of Nanded depot was going to Hyderabad Via Nizamabad i immediately took the bus got the seat at last but one row .. bus was almost full by then as the time the bus departed people were standing in the bus...really great occupancy for MSRTC ASIAD Buses even in normal working day 


VASMATH - GANGAPUR BUS  at Nanded Bus station ...Well maintained bus and the destination board looks good

KANDHAR - NANDED - KANDHAR  Bus atr Nanded Bus Stand




MY BUS TO NIZAMABAD .. Nanded - Hdyerabad Semi Luxury Via.. Biloli,Bodhan,Nizamabad,Kamareddy

Driver cabin od MSRTC Semi - Luxury

Driver cabin again

I got to know there exists a depot for Dharwa in yavatmal District and it runs a Bus on Nagpur - Nanded was on platform and ready for departure

NANDED -PUSAD Bus on Platform
Aurangabad Bus

Aurangabad Bus

Sholapur Nanded bus arrives at Nanded Bus stand..of Nanded depot Brand New Bus

Yavaymal - Nanded TATA Express Bus

APSRTC Palle velugu to Nirmal Via Bhokar ,Bhainsa beside MSRTC Ordinary Express Bus

All door wide open

Nialanga Nanded Bus arrives at Nanded Bus stand

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