Thursday, 5 April 2012

RTC to Buy AC Buses from China Company FOTON

APSRTC To Buy AC Buses from China bus manufacturer FOTON. FOTON promised to deliver A/C Buses with latest technology and specifications matching to the best a/c bus manufactured in India and with price around 25 lakhs rupees lesser than the best a/c bus available in Indian market.

FOTON after studying Indian Market and also analysed the demand for APSRT AC BUSES in AP which is very high and they set up a plant near Hyderabad.
Previously APSRTC OFFICERS visited china and were impressed with Foton technology and the quality of buses but there is 69% import DUTY ON BUSes if it is imported from china and APSRTC dropped the idea .Then FOTon made a study on INDIAN MARKET AND ESPECIALLY APsrtc and they set up plant in patancheru near HYDERabad with a mOU with deccan auto company, started production and the Foton agreed to give APSRTC THE AC buses at 25 lakhs lesser than the high class AC BUSES Available in India.
TWIST here is After its arrival an Indian bases Bus manufacturer who manufactures AC BUSes at 87 lakhs has agreed to give the same for 60 Lakhs.


  1. Yes it's true that APSRTC is in plan to run these buses on trial basis. But a this article is 4-6 months old & the first bus was supposed to roll out in month of feb 2012. what is the latest update on this...??

    1. Yes Sir,Even i don't have any update on this one but definitely would update once I get any information But APSRTC being Public transport owned by Govt ...u know very well how a govt delays in implementation of its decisions