Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Travellogue: Hyderabad - Nizamabad - Nagpur

Again a trip to Nagpur and this time a change in trip as my wife and kid already have been to Nizamabad and I have to go there and start with them for Nagpur .. Planned to start early in the day to Nizamabad and catch night bus either APSRTC Garuda Plus Mercedes Benz OR MSRTC Shivneri from Nizamabad to Nagpur . But some commitments and shopping and my added to that my Laziness has made to start 14:30 P:M for Nizamabad itself..packed my bag and started for MGBS by Auto and reached MGBS at 14:50 and as soon as I have reached Nizamabad platform which exists in the corner and obviously Last platform 54,55,56 in MGBS .. I have found a Super Luxury ready on platform as it was full i have opted to go for a other bus rather than the one which was ready bcos of two reasons one i could get front seat and the other one i could get time to have few photos of the Lovely Buses in and around MGBS and to my luck there were two Super Luxuries of Nizamabad behind the bus waiting for the platform to be cleared and also a Nagpur Super Luxury from APSRTC which departs at 15:30.
Here my phot league starts with new Super Luxury from Nirmal Depot  .This is brand new Orange SL and was departing from the platform...
Orange New Super Luxury for Nirmal Depot... check the front Livery really excellent

Then there was a Deluxe Bus to Armooor 

Nizamabad Non _Stop Super Luxuy ,this bus was supposed to be with Guntur district depots but now seen in Nizamabad Depot as per registration...

And Now Hyderabad - I Depot Super Luxury Bus for Nagpur arrives calmly at the platform and surprisingly there was only one driver for this bus might be the other driver would have joined by the time bus departs.. this bus starts at 15:30 [3:30 P:M]
 from Hyderabad and reaches Nizamabad by 8:00 P:M ,Adilabad by 11:30 P:M and Nagpur by 5:00 A:M in the early Morning..would be bore and long journey as Many Private buses which start for Nagpur even after 8:30 P:M would also reach at the same time or one hour further and it takes the route via Nizamabad and also enters Kamareddy Bus stand instead of taking by pass route and almost all Bus stations would be covered on the route

NAGPUR SL waits for Platform to be cleated

TATA Express Bus in Leyland Territory might be an Hire Bus...generally telanagan Bus Depots and Regions would get Ashok Leyland Buses

TATA Deluxe

Inside of Super Luxury

Driver Cabin of Super Luxury ...very rusty


Indra Bus faded so early

KSRTC BUS destination board i quite good

MGBS Platforms ALways busy

Another SL [Super Luxury] of Nizamabad - I Depot awaits for platform to be cleared at MGBS

Now its into Platform

Gulbarga Depot Rajahamsa resting at MGBS

                                     Bangalore SL arrives at MGBS from HYD-I Depot
Bangalore SL and Vijayawada Garuda  back to back at MGBS  going to their platforms

Platforms from the Last at MGBS ....Buses departing to Adilabad,Nirmal,Armoor,Nizamabad,Kamareddy,Bhainsa,Nanded,Nagpur,Amravati,Akola,Karimnagar,Jagityal,Metpally,Korutla,Godavarikhani,Mancherial,Asifabad,chennur,Dharmapuri,Utnoor,Chandrapur,Aheri would Stop in these platform's

Garuda Again

Jagityal SL resting in front of its platform

Few KSRTC Buses ready to depart ..even it was OFF time I wonder to see as many as three KSRTC Buses and other three KSRTC Express Buses doing Gulbarga,Bidar,Humnabad,Raichur departing at this time 14:30

APSRTC Buses resting up

Gulbarga Hyderabad Gulbarga Ultra Deluxe Rajahamsa again....

KSRTC Express Bus full side view

APSRTC INDRA Sky blue Mahboobnagar depot bus waiting for its turn..I wonder how bike w3as allowed till there

Green Color INDRA BUS going for Mahboobnagar again

An SL resting...probably having an afternoon nap.

Vijayawada Garuda on Platforms reserved for Garuda especially..Platform 24.25,26 

Blue SL gearing up 

Chittoor ORANGE SL  reaching its platform

Couple SL's both from Adoni Depot ..check the extra Head lamps

Beautiful TATA Deluxe from Uravakonda Depot


And This is KSRTC Ambaari Sleeper coach exists in both A/C and Non A/C...runs on Banaglore - Hyderabad Route

Ambaari side view

NOW KSRTC Luxury Series Check CORONA Ambari,Benx Bus and also VOLVO BUses

Ambaari again


Benz Bus front view

                                 KSRTC Airavaat CLub CLass Yellow Beauty doing bangalore Hyderabad

LATHUR HYDERABD ASIAD Semi Luxury ..color looks faded

Latur bus front view

Now a BLUE colored INDRA..looks like a real beauty

Airavatha and Ambaari..I say Ambaari ride on Airavatha

A KSRTC Express Departing

Deluxe Full Side view

Latur bus going to its platform competing with express

NAGPUR SL Drive loading goods into the bus ..check the big cabin space for SL Buses and also spare tyre under the cabin
Jain Mandir near MGBS

Mojamzahi Market clock tower

GaganVihar Complex Nampally

An Audi Car

Near Paradise

Old City Bus

Palle Velugu Bus

Express Bus at JBS

Twin Super Luxuries 

APSRTC Vennela Bus resting at6 JBS bounded to Tirupathy

Nizamabad - I Depot INDRA A/C Bus doing ShamshabadAirport - Nizamabad.This one misses CBS and comes directly to JBS and then to Nizamabad Non-Stop
A CNG Bus spotted near Suchitra X Roads..Medchal Depot City Bus..Medchal Depot has got highest number of CNG Buses ..
The famous NAVNATH EXPRESS of ARMOOR which does Armoor - Hyderabad Since a Long time...

Hyderabad Nagpur Evening Express at Nizamaabd Bus stand reaches Nizamabad by 22:30 [10:30} night ..bus would be fully crowded till Adilabad ..reached Nagpur by 7:00 A:M in the morning..

Nanded Nizamaabad BUS halting at Nizamabad bus stand would start at 6:00 A:M in the morning

A Palle Velugu of Nizamabad - I Depot 

Nizamabad - i Depot INDRA AC BUS to Hyderabad

Pandarpur - Nizamabad Bus resting in Nizamabad Bus stand would depart at 6:00 A:M in the morning

AN MSRTC Bus at Nizamabad Bus stand

Deluxe Bus to Hyderabad of Bodhan Depot

An Express Bus leaving for Bodhan

APSRTC Super Luxury just arrived from Hyderabad...

Nanded Hyderabad Last BUS ..MSRTC ASIAD Semi Luxury 

The most important task for driver ...raastha clear hai


APSRTC Deluxe BUS ...glowing Beauty

Finally Our BUS arrived...Hyderabad Nagpur Garuda Plus Mercedes Benz Service

This was my bus on return journey APSRTC Benz Garuda Plus Bus there wrere only 4 passenegers along with me and two drivers and one assistant..Another guy has boarded in between he was going to Adilabad from Nagpur and the Nagpur to Adilabad Garuda Plus bus charge was 378 Rupees which is very costly 

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