Wednesday, 25 April 2012

APSRTC to Start Battery Operated Buses....

APSRTC to start Battery Operated Bus: Source : Eenadu

Really a very good and innovative decision to save Environment and APSRTC itself.

APSRTC has started a new revolution to reduce pollution and expenses on hundreds of crores it spends on Diesel , It is going to introduce battery operated buses on State High ways.
These Batteries could be charged not only by current but also it uses solar power to get charged..Central Govt gave its approval for this project and also it would help APSRTC  in executing the project by givinh subsidy in buying Solar Panels.
APSRTC officers are planning to implement this to ALL the Buses .
APSRTC will install a Solar panel in every depot which is operated by Solar Energy and does the charging task and these would be fitted to the buses..Once recharged a bus would operate for nearly 200 Km as said by  APSRTC M.D. Prasad Rao
As Solar Energy can be exclusively  used to re-charge  the battery not the current the expense incurred would be very less compared to that spent on Diesel and also central govt is giving subsidy in buying solar panels and setting up and also subsidy on buying Battery operated buses which comes for 15 said a new battery bus comes for 15 Lakhs ..this is profitable for APSRTC in any dimension
And it would econoimical status of APSRTC toan high extent .
APSRTC is planning to run Battery operated bus in each and every depot first and then planning to implement on different routes.
Hope this project kicks off nicely and earn some good results which would be benficary for Environment and APSRTC…

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